he/they ✰ 17 ✰ writer and artist ✰ queer ✰ transmasclover of puns ✰ often found climbing things even if it's a dubious idea ✰ spouter of general nonsense about space and angels and magic and love and the seacurrent hyperfixation: the clone wars!


burn-out candle // Celestite Poetry - Issue 4
greyed glass windows // Ice Lolly Review - Issue 13
the thames boys // The Bibliopunk Lit Zine - Issue 4
coughing, coffee, coffin // Ram Eye Press - Issue 2
night time insects are full of wisdom if you gain insect ears // Origami Review - Issue 2
can a ghost be a palindrome? // Chinchilla Lit Issue 2
skeleton's tea party // Pink Apple Press Issue 2
✰ pov: you don't have a point to make in your GCSE philosophy exam and all your braincells have turned into shopping trolleys // ad infinitum lit Issue 2
✰ thoughts between the UCAS convention and sleep // The New Absurdist
✰ transmasc communion // Mister Magazine


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